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Projects > Painting a picture-perfect partnership for flag and flagpole solutions with BALTIC

Providing an eco-friendly flag for a custom flagpole

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

May 2021


BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art creates and produces exhibitions, events and learning opportunities which explore the role of artists from across the world, with entry always provided free of charge. Located on Gateshead quayside, the venue also champions local artists through special events and exhibitions.

In 2018, BALTIC was a part of the Great Exhibition of the North and commissioned six outdoor projects. One of these projected involved Turner Prize winning artist, Lubaina Himid, and her artistic idea required a flag and flagpole solution.

Featuring Himid’s work on the flag design, a flagpole was needed to sit atop BALTIC, with the flag being raised and lowered in connection with events taking place in BALTIC Square. The flag itself needed to be maximised to ensure it could be seen across the Quayside, and there was also a requirement for further flags to be created to feature within the indoor exhibition.

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More recently, BALTIC had further requirements for eco-friendly flags as part of its Open Submission commissions. The venue is passionate about the use of sustainable materials and required that any flag used within the exhibition was keeping in line with this.

To meet these specifications, BALTIC needed to enlist the expertise of a specialist provider in eco-friendly flags and bespoke flagpoles.

Harrison Flagpoles was instructed by BALTIC to design, manufacture and install a flag and flagpole to meet its requirements for Lubaina Himid’s artistic idea.

The roof of BALTIC is 42 metres high, so we needed to create a bespoke solution to allow a flagpole to be installed which was robust enough to endure windspeeds of up to 80 mph.

To withstand these conditions, our expert engineers designed an eight-metre marine grade stainless steel bespoke flagpole and a custom bracket to enable the flagpole to be fixed to the building where required.

We also designed and installed an electrical winch system which allowed the flag to be raised and lowered remotely through a control system. Being able to easily control the flag’s position was a key requirement for BALTIC’s flagpole solution, which was successfully achieved.

In response to the venue’s requirements for its Open Submission exhibition, we recommissioned the steel flagpole for use in the project, which culminated with the exhibition reopening its doors to the public on May 19. We also carried out a comprehensive service to ensure it was in good working order.


We were also able to support the venue with its requirement for environmentally friendly solutions, thanks to our Harrison Eco™ range.

Harrison Eco™ Flag is made from recycled plastic waste, including single-use PET plastic bottles and industrial polyester waste, and offers the same durability and strength as traditional knitted polyester flag material. Our Harrison Eco™ Flag’s credentials made the product perfect to meet the venue’s sustainability needs.

As the UK’s leading authority in the design, manufacture and installation of flags and flagpoles, our expertise enabled us to deliver BALTIC with high-quality solutions which met its requirements.

Not only have we created a flagpole solution for BALTIC which can be remotely raised and lowered, we also provided the venue with environmentally friendly flags which meet the high levels of sustainability credentials.

As such, we have been able to build a successful partnership with BALTIC as its provider of high-quality, sustainable flag and flagpole solutions, all of which have been designed to meet the venue’s exact requirements.


Image Credit: Graeme Peacock © 2021

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