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Want to learn more about the work we do, find out more about the industry or get advice on how to best display your flags? Check out our blog posts below!


Since 1980, our experienced and friendly team have been working with customers to identify their flagpole requirements. Each year we produce around 15,000 flagpoles, but how
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23rd Feb 2017

Flags unite people from every part of the world, they create allegiances and give people a sense of belonging. There’s no better example of this than
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17th Feb 2017
Advice Flagpoles

What I need to know before buying a Flagpole Whether you are buying your first flagpole or replacing an existing one, you’re bound to find yourself
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9th Feb 2017
Case Study Flags

The Kynren show is an epic tale of England which takes places on a huge open-air stage. Over 1500 cast and crew members were joined on stage
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6th Feb 2017