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Flagpoles Warranty Statement

Harrison Flagpoles provides the following warranty to you, our direct customers, who have purchased glassfibre flagpoles that have been manufactured within our facilities:

We warrant that:

Our flagpoles will be free from defects in material or workmanship, provided that they have been properly-installed by Harrison Flagpoles or a Harrison Flagpole Approved Contactor (i.e. a specialist as designate in all guides/guidelines) and Used Normally and With Responsible Care:

  • For a five-year period from the date of despatch to you in respect of the glassfibre shaft.
  • For a one-year period from the date of despatch to you in respect of all other parts (except the halyard, which is a consumable item).

Properly-installed (a Specialist as per Harrison Flagpoles Designation/Approved Contactor status) in the context of this warranty statement means that you must follow all steps of our Installation Guide, which has been supplied with our commercial paperwork, or, if not, is available on our website at www.flagpoles.co.uk.

Used Normally in the context of this warranty statement means that:

If the glassfibre flagpole is unflagged, then it will withstand wind gusts of up to 100 miles per hour.

When flying flags, the following rules must be followed:

  • the flag must not exceed the maximum size recommended for a particular pole length, as specified in our Installation Guide.
  • Flags must be taken down in adverse weather conditions – i.e. if flying a standard flag and wind speeds are expected to exceed 30mph.
  • If there is a requirement to keep flags flying in adverse weather conditions, then specialist storm flags (of one third the size) must be used, which will withstand wind speeds up to 45mph.

With Responsible Care in the context of this warranty statement means that you must have followed the provisions of our statement “Maintenance Recommendations for Glassfibre Flagpoles” by a specialist, which has been supplied with our commercial paperwork, or, if not, is available on our website at www.flagpoles.co.uk.

We further warrant that:

Where our flagpoles are installed by us, or by our nominated installation contractors, then we warrant that the concrete base or fixings shall be free from defect for one year from the date of installation.

In the unlikely event of failure of our flagpoles, provided that you can demonstrate valid proof of purchase directly from us and provided that you have followed the installation, usage and care guidelines described in this warranty statement, then we will repair or replace the elements that have failed at our expense.  The return by us of the repaired / replacement elements within a reasonable period of time shall constitute a complete and full discharge of any and all liability or damage related to such goods.


This warranty statement is limited to glassfibre flagpoles with a minimum butt diameter of 120mm. We issue no warranty for flagpoles with smaller butt diameters.

This warranty does not cover the expenses of removal, shipping costs to / from Glassfibre Flagpoles Ltd premises, the expense of reinstallation, or any other incidental or consequential costs. This warranty is not intended to and shall not convey any third party beneficiary rights.

We make no other or further warranty, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Harrison Flagpoles is a trading name of Glassfibre Flagpoles Ltd.