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Projects > Friends of St Edmund’s Church, Sedgefield

Custom made 10m Flagpole with lightning protection to suit an existing fitting arrangement

Friends of St. Edmund's Church

July 2023


Located in County Durham, the Grade 1 listed St Edmund’s church was built in the 13th century. Later, its 90ft tower was added in the late 15th Century. In conjunction with works to refurbish the clock face and work on the bell frame, the church committee decided to replace the existing flagpole.

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Harrisons conducted a full site survey and were tasked with removing the existing pole. We were challenged with limited access to the tower. It was determined that the safest and easiest way to remove and replace the flagpole was to use a 90-ton crane. This would have a long enough reach above the top of the tower from a distance of 25m from the church. Further, access was via a small opening in the trees on the boundary of the church yard.

Measurements were taken of the existing opening in the centre of the church roof. Then, the pole was carefully designed and manufactured to suit this opening to minimise any disturbance of the existing leadwork.

As the only fibreglass flagpole manufacturer in the UK, Harrisons are capable of manufacturing custom poles from scratch. We can manipulate our moulds and alter our wall thicknesses to design the right flagpole for the job every time.


Once the base of the old flagpole was loosened, the team could then remove the old pole. Our install team worked alongside the crane team to maneuver the crane into place. Together, they ensured the old pole was securely attached to the crane before gently removing it from the roof. With the old flagpole removed, the new one could now be installed into the hole where the previous pole was. The team attached a new set of guy wires to the walls to ensure the flagpole was secure. They reconnected the pole to the existing lightning protection system on the roof.

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