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Creating Eco Friendly Flags

Navigator Terminals


Navigator Terminals wanted to update the flags on their Harrison supplied and serviced flagpoles at their 4 terminals Windmill, Thames, North Tees and Seal Sands as well as their Corporate office. 

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Navigator Terminals is an independent bulk liquid storage provider with over 1.28 million cubic metres of storage capacity. They are proud to give the highest priority to safety, health, environment and quality so wanted to reflect this in their choice of flag material. 


As the home of Enviroflaga revolutionary flag material made from recycled plastic, we were able to provide Navigator Terminals with an environmentally friendly alternative to knitted polyester which was ideal for their needs. 

They ordered 96 1.5m x 1m Enviroflags in total which were printed in our County Durham facility, finished by our seamstresses and shipped to the different locations around the country. 

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