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Replacing old wooden flagpoles

Stonyhurst College


Stonyhurst College is an imposing Grade II Listed building and an Independent Private coeducational Boarding school in Lancashire. The initial enquiry was about replacing 5 old wooden flagpoles, 1x 8 metre and 4x 7 metre, which had been installed for a number of years and were showing signs of damage.

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A survey was carried out by our site engineers and the report detailed that the 7 metre poles were to be mounted in the corner of a wall upon the roof of the college. The  8 metre pole was to be wall mounted with a hinged base which would allow the client to lower the pole in order to carry out any maintenance. A four way guy collar was also recommended to provide extra support to the pole, given the installation location being on top of the main tower roof and exposed to high winds.

Bespoke 90 degree corner mounted brackets and a wall mounted hinged platform were designed and approved by the quality and engineering departments here at Harrison Flagpoles.

Image credit: pjposullivan1 via Flickr


The poles were successfully manufactured and quality checked by the manufacturing team based in Newton Aycliffe. The steel work was fabricated by our in-house fabrication team and then galvanised to protect from corrosion.

All brackets were bonded onto the poles prior to leaving the factory and a final quality inspection was carried out to ensure the poles were of the highest standard.

Harrison’s site engineers delivered the new glassfibre poles directly to Stonyhurst College. The engineers, who are qualified in working at height and experienced in installations with old, listed buildings, safely removed the failing wooden poles. The engineers successfully installed the 3 new glassfibre flagpoles and all of the associated steel brackets.

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