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Supply and design of 70 flagpoles with bespoke bracketry

Royal Tattoo Edinburgh


Supply and design of 70 flagpoles with bespoke bracketry, to decorate the military showcase.

Image credit: Christian Kothe via Flickr
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We were asked to produce flagpoles to decorate the military showcase at the Edinburgh Tattoo. The flagpoles were to be utlised each year at this prestigious event famed for its colourful pageantry and is televised around the world.

Image credit: Susan McNaughton via Flickr


We worked closely with our client on complex technical details to be able to manufacture the unique fixings used to secure the flagpoles. Our dedicated special projects team worked on the planning, design, manufacture and delivery of the flags and flagpoles for the 12 months leading up to the event.

Image credit: Christian Kothe via Flickr
Banner image credit: Susan McNaughton via Flickr
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