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Designing and installing a bespoke flagpole solution for a 900-year-old church

St. Mary's Church

October 2021


Located in the borough of Harrow in Greater London, St Mary’s Church is a Grade I-listed building and is the most recognisable landmark in Harrow on the Hill. The church was consecrated in 1094 and has been ministering the community of Harrow for more than 900 years.

St Mary’s Church needed a new flagpole to sit atop its roof. The solution needed to allow for a flag to be easily raised and lowered, and also required an antenna to be fixed to it.

The main challenge to overcome was the age of the building. The flagpole provider would need to ensure that during the installation, no damage or disturbance would be caused to the original stonework.

To meet these requirements, St Mary’s Church required a supplier which had a wealth of expertise in designing and installing bespoke historical property flagpoles for Grade-I listed buildings.

Harrison Flagpoles was instructed by St Mary’s Church to deliver a bespoke historical property flagpole pole to meet its requirements.

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The first hurdle to overcome was transporting the required tools and materials to the rooftop where the flagpole would sit, without causing damage to the structure or roof. This was done in a two-step process, moving materials firstly to the lower-level roof and then onto the higher level.

When at the higher roof level, we cut the church’s existing timber flagpole to the recommended height which would allow us to install the new bespoke galvanised bottom pot. This pot slid over the former flagpole’s wooden stump and was secured in place with four rods.

To meet the church’s requirements, we designed and manufactured a bespoke ultra heavy-duty glass fibre 8m flagpole which used an internal halyard roping system. For the installation of this solution, we fixed a hinged-base plate to the galvanised pot and the flagpole was then placed onto the base plate and fixed with a hinge pin.

With the historical property flagpole being at height, extra rigidity was required during the installation. Our team connected a new bracket collar by drilling through the flagpole and attaching it with eyelets and bolts. We also bolted the existing stays onto the flagpole for extra strength.

All of the work was undertaken while ensuring the Grade I-listed building’s stonework was not disturbed or damaged. We also worked collaboratively alongside Beacon Comms on the project, which acted as project manager, and Arqiva, which provided the required antenna.


Pauline Chandler, the Chair of the Finance and General Purposes Committee at St. Mary’s Church, said,

“St. Mary’s Church, Harrow on the Hill, is a very prominent Grade 1 Listed Parish Church which was consecrated by St. Anselm in 1094. A flag is always flown from its roof for important Parish services and events.

St. Mary’s is also the Borough Church of the London Borough of Harrow and, as such, holds services and events of local and national significance. At these events a flag is also flown. It is essential, therefore, that the flagpole on the roof is reliable, easy to use and sympathetic to a 900-year-old building.

Following the re-roofing of the church a new flagpole, which also holds an antenna, was required.

Harrison Flagpoles was identified as the mostly likely source for the expertise and experience needed to manufacture and install the new flagpole.

Throughout the process Harrison Flagpoles acted at the highest level of professionalism, studying the history of the church and its importance within the local and wider communities, and consulting the church at every stage of the process. The flagpole was installed with a complete understanding of the integrity of the building. No stonework was disturbed but the flagpole still met all safety requirements.

St. Mary’s now has an elegant flagpole which is strong and reliable and in sympathy with a Grade 1 Listed 900-year-old church.”


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