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Everything you need to know about Coats of Arms

28th Jun 2019
By sarah-jane grainger |
Flags | History |

As leading flag manufacturers we print and hand sew lots of Family Crest and Coat of Arms flags. Below are the questions we get asked the most:

When were Coat of Arms introduced? 

Coat of Arms date back to medieval Europe. 

How were Coats of Arms used? 

In the 12th Century they were used to establish identity in battle. By the 13th Century families were using the coat of arms as their family logo. They sewed it onto flags that flew about their castles and manors. 

Why are they called Coats of Arms? 

The term coat of arms originated from the surcoat – the cloth tunic worn over armour to shield it from the sun’s rays. Find out more about the history of this term here.

How is the design chosen for a Coat of Arms? 

Each coat of arms design is unique and represented the achievements of the person it was granted to. A Coat of Arms flag can be a unique way to communicate your family’s history in one image, 

How do you get a Coat of Arms? 

Coat of arms were mainly granted to aristocracy by a ruling monarch and passed down through the generations, creating a valuable family heirloom

What is the difference between a Coat of Arms and a Family Crest? 

People often mistake the coat of arms and family crest. The family coat of arms is the three-dimensional object at the top of a coat of arms. Over the centuries, the original meaning of the crest was often forgotten, and it simply became an identifying symbol for a family of high rank or nobility. 


We love working on Coat of Arms flags and Family Crest flags and learning more about the unique family history of our customers. To view our range of Coat of Arms flags to fly at your castle (or 3 bed semi!) click here.  

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