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Flag Geek – Carry on up the Flagpole

30th May 2019
By sarah-jane grainger |
Flag of the month | Flagpoles |

At Harrison Flagpoles we are proud to supply thousands of flagpoles and tens of thousands of flags to customers throughout the UK each year.  We are very proud to be the only UK manufacturer of glassfibre flagpoles and our our heritage as we have supplied flagpoles from as far back as 1950.

Like most Brits we love talking about the weather – particularly wind as the Beaufort scale is the guide used by most flag flyers as to when their flag will fly at it’s best and when it is advisable to take it down to preserve the life of the flag and flagpole.

We also love drinking tea, watching Strictly Come Dancing and eating fish and chips.  And of course – like in most workplaces the tea and the conversation can sometimes become “fruity”.  Like most others we love a double entendre and working in the flag and flagpole industry presents these in abundance on a regular basis with various vexillology terms.  Here are a few of our favourites and we’ll leave it up to you to make your own jokes.

We often have to ask customers and each other, the following question, which refers to the lowest diameter of a flagpole: –

“What is your preferred butt diameter?”

We also supply a lot of overseas customers, including the French armed forces and famous foreign legion where they often use a small flag known as a “fanion”.  

An old favourite from a few years ago came from an internal phone call from a new member of staff in our warehouse who had been asked to find a replacement part for a flagpole and called the sales office with the following update: –

“I’m sorry, but I’ve been looking for over an hour and no matter how hard I try I just can’t find the cleat

So when we’re not giggling after being asked by a colleague to “hold my pole for a minute” or asking a client if they “prefer a tapered or a straight length” we are working very hard to help our customers – and surely it is better to do it with a smile on our faces 🙂


The Flag Geek’s actual identity is unknown.  Some say they have felt a presence whilst looking up at the large Union flag outside Harrison Flagpoles HQ.  Others think is just made up to add an element of mystery at the end of a blog. Perhaps we’ll never know. But if you would like The Flag Geek to delve into something flag or flagpole related on your behalf then simply email sales@weareharrisons.com and they might be able to enlighten you…….

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