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How long will my flag last?

21st Jul 2023
By sarah-jane grainger |
Advice | Flags |

Is a question we get asked all the time. Unfortunately, there is no way we can tell you exactly how long your flag will last as the lifespan can vary depending on numerous different variables.

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The lifespan of a flag depends on the following:

  • How the flag is made
  • Where the flag is flown
  • What conditions the flag is flown in

Flags are perishable items, the colours will start fading, and the flag will fray. Even the strongest of flags cannot be flown for long in strong winds without deteriorating. Generally, a polyester flag will last approximately 90 days based on the daily display, but not during inclement weather. In some cases, a polyester flag displayed 24 hours a day may only last a quarter of that time. Therefore a lifespan of 22 days is suggested.

The weather is the main variable that determines the life of a flag. Your flag should be made up of an all-weather fabric such as polyester. All hems should be turned back twice, secured with two rows of lock stitching on the fly end – if the flag is printed onto a standard polyester.

All weather flags made of polyester will sustain damage in extreme weather conditions. Sun, rain, wind, ice and snow all weaken fabrics and threads. When your flag begins to show obvious signs of wear such as holes, severe fading or frayed edging it is appropriate to retire the old flag and replace it with a new one.

If you’re looking for a longer lasting flag, we recommend looking at our hand sewn flags. All of our handsewn flags are produced by hand by our talented team of seamstresses right here in the UK. We use the highest quality material which has been approved by the Ministry of Defence. Hand sewn flags are a more traditional style and are made of thicker material than printed flags (150gsm-200gsm compared to 115gsm knitted polyester). They are therefore more durable and longer lasting than printed flags.

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We recommend that when you buy flags, you buy them in pairs as it is very difficult to predict the life expectancy of a flag due to climatic conditions and the number of hours you fly your flag from your flagpoles.

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