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Harrison Flagpoles Fly High in British Manufacturing Boom

28th Jan 2016
By sarah-jane grainger |
News |

Britain is making a slow and steady economic recovery from triple-dip recession, with home-grown production rising by 1.1% and British manufacturing increasing by 1.9 per cent, (Office for National Statistics, 06 August 2013)

Harrison Flagpoles provide leading companies in key economy-building industries with attractive and widely recognisable display systems. The automotive industry has boasted one of the biggest growths. It’s helping the country’s recovery come quicker than expected as the transport sector boasts an increase in productivity. Harrison’s are proud to be a driving force behind some of the UK’s forecourt marketing and aesthetics of their premises.

Harrison Flagpoles is a British manufacturer and supplier to all types of institutions and industries. They’ve seen a marked improvement in demand correlating to that of its customers, leading to an increase in production. Another industry making great strides in recovery so far in 2013 is housing development, with Taylor Wimpey showing over 11% increase (Taylor Wimpey, 31 July 2013) in revenue in the first half of 2013 compared to 2012. Redrow is another of the UK’s leading residential property developers, whose shares have risen sharply throughout 2013 (Redrow Homes Plc, August 2013) after an impressive few months of development and construction.

Harrison Flagpoles is a proud supplier of flags and flagpoles to Taylor Wimpey and Redrow Homes. This in an effort to improve the exposure and attractiveness of their show homes, current constructions and market their properties.

Harrison Flagpoles also provided the London 2012 summer Olympic Games with flags and flagpoles. This, along with the birth of the Royal baby, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Andy Murray being the first British man to win Wimbledon for 77 years, has probably been the cause leading to Britons being more happy and less anxious,(The Independent 30 July 2013) the official life satisfaction survey revealed. As well giving the economy a huge boost and, importantly, instilling a great sense of national pride in the UK.

Andrew Hobson said: “We’re delighted that businesses have started to see a turnaround after a few difficult years.

“We realise that the difficult times aren’t necessarily behind us. We can gauge from our own performance and of customers, that we’re heading in the right direction with economic recovery. It is one of our prime objectives to promote British skill, and keep British people employed. This is why we are always happy to work alongside British companies to help encourage a healthy work ethic and help businesses succeed. Of course, Harrison Flagpoles also supply an enormous range of bespoke flags, flagpoles and banners around the world to help promote production, manufacturing and a sense of national pride in any country.”

Harrison offers a great variety of flags, flagpoles, banners and event displays of varying size and materials to suit any location, use and budget, whether it is for corporate or domestic purposes. Help the British economy recover further in 2013 by supporting British manufacturing and construction and buying British!

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