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Remembrance Day 2020

29th Sep 2020
By sarah-jane grainger |
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Remembrance Day 2020

These unprecedented times are impacting every aspect of our lives. How we socialise, how we shop, how we do business and how we celebrate and commemorate.

This year has seen significant commemorative events pass. Ordinarily they would have be marked with nation wide services and televised public events. Including VE Day and VJ Day. Yet, this year these have been muted in their public execution.

As we prepare for a cautious approach to Remembrance Day next month, with media reports suggesting that this year could be very different. Some news outlets indicate that Remembrance Day parades could be at risk of cancellation and according to the Mirror there is yet to be any official safety guidance given to the thousands of volunteers organising these ceremonies.

The British Legion

The British Legion is due to communicate their plans for the National Service of Remembrance at Whitehall, London in the coming weeks. An event that is normally heavily attended and televised globally.

It has also been announced that London Remembrance Day will not operate their parade. This is because the City of London has decided to not issue any permits for the rest of 2020.

For many years, we have been a key supplier of flagpoles and flags for such events and so the possibility of these events not occurring is incredibly saddening. It has always been an honour to supply our products for these ceremonies.

Remembrance Day Flags

Unions and remembrance flags are normally in high demand this time of year. Equally, our install team are usually busy servicing ceremonial flagpoles up and down the UK as councils, parish councils and community groups prepare for their ceremonies.

Many celebrations will move online, with some communities and public organisations planning to film ceremonies and share them online or in the case of national events, the scaled back events will be live streamed.

We’re still here to support any organization or indeed individual who wants to mark the occasion with a flag or flagpole and our team are still available for servicing. Though we urge people to book services as soon as possible.



What Remembrance Day in London will look like this year

Image: Remembrance Sunday War veterans marching past the Cenotaph monument in London during a Remembrance Sunday service, 2006.Scott Barbour/Getty Images

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