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Transform your flagpole from rags-to-riches with our Flagpole Service Offer!

12th Apr 2017
By sarah-jane grainger |
Flagpoles | News |

With winter’s harsh weather conditions being out the way, it is now time to get your flagpoles ready for spring! We recommend taking advantage of our Flagpole Service Offer. It’s an annual service on all flagpoles to make sure they are maintained and kept in the best condition possible. Whilst doing so, we can also revamp your flags and ensure they are flying with pride for the rest of the year.

We travel up and down the country providing regular flagpole maintenance. This is because many people who have had their flagpoles installed and then forget to arrange their annual service. Our flagpoles are manufactured from the highest quality materials in our Darlington based factory to produce the best flagpoles available in the UK. However, even the finest quality flagpoles need some TLC every now and again. So, if you want to achieve the longest lifespan out of your flag pole, we would advice you to book your annual service each year and we will also rejuvenate your flags at the same time!

Prices for our flagpole service offer start from only £127, depending on the height and geographical location of the flagpole. So, for more information or to book in your maintenance service contact our specialist team on 01325 390 195.

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