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What flag size do you need for your flagpole?

23rd Dec 2023
By sarah-jane grainger |
Advice | Flagpoles | Flags |

Here at Harrisons we can produce any size of flag required. It is important to make sure that you’re flying the correct size flag for the length of your flagpole. If a flag is too big it can be too heavy for the flagpole, causing the pole to become overloaded and break. On the other hand, if the flag is too small, it risks looking out of proportion.

If a flag is being flown on a flagpole, these are some size guidelines to follow:

A table with standard flag sizes

Flags in landscape orientation

A basic guide for flags in landscape orientation is that for every 10ft of flagpole length, the flag length is 3ft. Therefore for a flagpole of 20ft, it would be recommended to use a flag that is 6ft in length.

Flags in portrait orientation

Portrait flags usually come in a maximum width of 4ft, but have a variable depth. On a standard flagpole of length 26ft, it is recommended to use a flag sized 3’9” x 7’6”. Sometimes though, portrait flags can measure as much as half the length of the flagpole. This can be a risk due to the weight of a large flag putting strain on the flagpole, so needs to be taken into consideration.

The Mall London Harrison Flagpoles

The size of a flag required depends on several factors in addition to that of the length of the flagpole. Here are some general guidelines to help you determine the appropriate size for your flag:


Consider the location where you intend to display the flag. For residential settings, a common flag size is 3’x5′ or 4’x6′. In commercial or larger properties, larger flags are often used to ensure visibility from a distance. You may need to check local rules and regulations for any restrictions on flag sizes in certain areas.

Flagpole angle

Wall-mounted flags typically look best when they are displayed at a slight angle rather than hanging straight down. A 45-degree angle is commonly used, which may affect the required flag size.

Aesthetic considerations

Consider the overall aesthetics of your flag display and how the flag fits into your landscaping or architectural design. Do you require a larger flag for a more prominent display, or a smaller flag for a more understated appearance?


Think about the purpose of your flag display. If it’s a decorative or ceremonial flag, you may have different size preferences compared to a functional flag, such as a national flag.

Flag material

The material of the flag can also influence size selection. Heavier or wind-resistant materials may require larger flags to maintain their appearance when flying. It is also recommended that flags be removed from their flagpoles if winds exceed 30mph.

Flags displayed on flagpoles

It is important to balance visibility and aesthetics with the size of the flag and the height of the flagpole. We can help with ensuring that all of the necessary considerations are made. We’re also happy to advise on the most appropriate size of flag for your flagpole.

Contact us by emailing sales@weareharrisons.com or call us on 01325 390195 for more help.

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