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Your flagpole buying guide

25th Aug 2022
By sarah-jane grainger |
Advice |

How can I tell the difference between flagpoles when comparing prices

With various different prices and so many different flagpole options it can be difficult to decide which flagpole is the right one for you. Here we have put together the perfect flagpole buying guide that we’re sure will help you choose the perfect flagpole.

Weight of the pole (without the steel base weight)

The lighter the pole, the weaker they will be and the more likely they will break. Our 6 metre pole weights 9kg – the heaviest in the industry.

Diameter of the flagpole

The larger the diameter of the pole, the stronger it will be. Diameters of commercial 6 metre flagpoles vary from 60mm to the widest 120mm.

Thickness of the flagpole

The thinner the wall thickness, the weaker the flagpole will be. Our wall thickness varies from 3mm (standard) to 7mm (extra heavy duty).

Wind-loading guarantees

The highest recorded gust in the UK reached over 140mph. It is essential your flagpole can withstand high winds to avoid breakages and potential accidents occurring. We are the only manufacturer in the industry to offer guarantees up to 100mph (un-flagged). Why not take a look at the Beaufort scale.

After sales support

Being a flagpole manufacturer, we provide the full service in house including initial design, supply, delivery, installation and maintenance. If you require any assistance pre or post purchase our experienced sales team will be happy to help.

What size flagpole do I require?

The required flag size needs to be considered when you are choosing the height of the flagpole, the most popular size flagpole in the UK is 6 metre in height. As a guide, the storey size of a building can be used to work out the desired flagpole height.

  • 2 storey = 6m
  • 3 storey = 8m – 10m
  • 4 storey = 12m

Is the flagpole for permanent or temporary use?

We provide many types of flagpoles which vary in quantity and appearance.

  • Permanent – Our commercial flagpole range have a traditional conical taper in appearance, they are available in any height and come in three different strengths. They are proven to withstand wind speeds up to 100mph (un-flagged) and come with a ten year warranty.
  • Semi permanent – Our car forecourt/house builder flagpole ranges are cylindrical in appearance and are available in a range of 3 metre – 8 metre heights with 1 or 2 piece options.

Where will the flagpole be installed?

  • Ground mounted – There are two popular types of bases you can choose from: hinged base plate and ground tube. Advantages of the hinged base plate are that the pole can be lowered by one person making it easy to maintain. The ground tube option requires someone to physically handle the pole out of the ground.
  • Wall mounted – There are two main options to choose from when mounting flagpoles on a wall: angled wall flagpole and vertical wall flagpole.

What material should I buy?

There are three popular material choices for the flagpoles in the UK: Glassfibre, aluminum and stainless steel. We always recommend glassfibre due to it being more cost effective, hard wearing, and much easier to maintain, it also has UV protectors within the gel cast. If aluminum is preferred, it is available in three finishes: powder coated, satin brush and anodized. All stainless steel flagpoles are beautiful to look at with a satin brush or a mirror finish. They are virtually maintenance free, offering lifelong service and are sleek modern flagpoles. All our flagpoles within the commercial range have a ten year warranty (pole only), based on wind speeds of up to 100 mph un-flagged.

What type of flag will be flown landscape or portrait?

If you are flying a landscape flag, an externally roped and cleat flagpole or an internally roped flagpole is required. For a portrait flag the fixed or hoist-able swivel arm flagpole is ideal.


How do I protect and secure my flagpole?

If your flagpole is not in a secure location, an internal halyard system (lockable door) is recommended. The door is located at the base of the pole (approx 105mm from the base) and can be accessed with a key. To avoid interference with foundation bolts, a ground collar can also be installed. If the flagpole is going to be installed in public area, people climbing the flagpole can be a concern. To prevent this, we introduced the ‘hedgehog system’. If you would like further information on this, please ask our sales team

Hedgehog system

Do I require stronger flagpoles than the standard commercial range?

Although our commercial range is the strongest in Europe, the standard poles may not be strong enough in certain scenarios, for example, if the flagpole is installed high on a roof of a building. It is essential that appropriate that the correct flagpole is installed. Our flagpoles come as a heavy duty as standard, however, we can also provide extra heavy duty and ultra duty in these circumstances. We also have a specialist team available who will be able to advise which style flagpole best suits your requirements.

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