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Harrison Eco™

Our Harrison Eco™ launch in 2018 led the way for environmentally friendly flag solutions. Durable materials for flags, feather flags and printed displays make up our expanded range today.

Our Harrison Eco™ range:


Harrison Eco™ Flag

Our innovative material is made from recycled plastic items. This includes single-use PET plastic bottles and industrial polyester waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill. The plastic is firstly processed into a yarn and then formed into our material, Harrison Eco™. This can be used as a sustainable option for many of our print products including flags and feather flags. Harrison Eco™ has the same durability, strength and versatility as its knitted polyester equivalent. However it has a much lower environmental impact, creating 75% less CO₂ emissions than virgin polyester in production. It also meets the requirements for the OEKO-TEX® 100 standards and is free from toxic elements.


Harrison Eco™ Banners

Harrison Eco™ banner material is made from recycled plastic items, including single-use PET bottles. Moreover it has a much more environmentally-friendly production process than PVC. Still, it offers the same excellent colour quality and overall durability. The eco alternative is lighter than many traditional PVC products. This makes for easier transportation, placement, and storage. Further, it is stain-resistant, washable, and fire-resistant.

Harrison Eco™ Display range

The Harrison Eco™ Display material is used for backdrops. It can be teamed with our Bravura display range for a sustainable display solution. As with the flag material, Harrison Eco™ display material is made from recycled plastic waste. This includes single-use plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill.  It is 100% recyclable and we further recycle or upcycle it once you’re finished with it. This is part of our fabric upcycling scheme.

Our Flagpole Recycling Service

As a proud British manufacturer, all of our glassfibre poles are made at our premises in County Durham. Harrisons commits to protecting our planet and we have recently launched the UK’s first flagpole recycling service. Any glassfibre waste that is produced in the manufacturing of our poles is recycled. We also keep landfill waste to a minimum. We recycle over one tonne of glassfibre waste every month.

Our Fabric Upcycling Scheme

We are proud to be the first UK supplier to offer a Fabric Upcycling Scheme. Each year approximately 850,000 tonnes of textiles ends up in landfill. Our aim is that 100% of the fabric we print is recycled or upcycled. We ask that any used flags are returned to us. We then turn them back into useful items and give them a new lease of life. For example, they are transformed into shopping bags, sports bags and tote bags that are ideal to purchase for giveaways. We also produce dog toys that are donated to our local dog re-homing charity FLOOF. These are available to purchase with any order for your pooch. Ask us how you can take advantage of this scheme.

Make the environmentally friendly choice on any of our Home Nations, World, County, Pride or feather flags. Select Harrison Eco™ Flag when placing your order.

Our Sustainability Promise

Harrisons commits to reducing our impact on the environment. We encourage staff and our customers to reduce, reuse, repair, repurpose and recycle wherever possible. Our mission is to source or develop eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible. Click here to view our Sustainability Promise.

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