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Flagpoles for hire

Need a flagpole for a special occasion or event, then why not hire instead of buy?

We offer a comprehensive range of flagpoles on a hire basis.

  • Outdoor flagpole – These 6 metre  or 8m tapered glassfibre flagpoles come complete with a gold onion finial and can be installed on grass using a ground spike or on hard ground using a concrete base. The optional swivel arm allows landscape flags to be flown to maximise your display area.

We can even set up your flagpole to save you the hassle so you can relax knowing your flag is arranged correctly and everything is ready for your big event.

Our poles can be hired for 6 days as standard. Longer hire is available upon request.

Need a flag for your pole? We can create a custom flag or you can hire a home nations flag.

Technical Specification

Harrison Flagpoles
  • pole-type: Ceremonial pole | Ceremonial pole & base | Indoor | Outdoor with ground spike | Outdoor with concrete base | Flagpole & Planter | Bamboo pole
  • Size: 2.4m, 5.5m, 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m
  • Swivel Arm: Specialist, None, Standard
  • Additional information

    Pole type

    Ceremonial pole, Ceremonial pole & base, Indoor, Outdoor with ground spike, Outdoor with concrete base, Flagpole & Planter, Bamboo pole


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    Swivel Arm

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