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8m steel flagpole with custom winch system and mounting plates



An 8 metre steel flagpole with a custom winch system and mounting plates along with a custom flag originally for temporary use. The client was so pleased with the result they decided to make it a permanent feature.

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The BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art is the largest dedicated contemporary art institution in the UK. They wanted to promote their participation in the Great Exhibition of the North and their latest exhibition of Turner Prize 2017 winner Lubaina Himid’s latest work.

Redeveloped and opened in 2002, this 1930’s former flour mill stands at 42m high and is situated in a prominent and exposed position on the south bank of the River Tyne in Gateshead. High winds would need to be taken into account with designing the pole. Space on the roof was very limited so this would also need to be considered and an unique solution found.

The flag was to fly on Sundays throughout the Great Exhibition to signal free public performances and community ‘happenings’ taking place on Baltic Square. The BALTIC wanted a solution that would enable them to lower the flag without going onto the roof.

Accessibility of the site was also a challenge due its location and status as a public building.


The 8 metre flagpole was manufactured from marine grade stainless steel in a white finish to enable it to withstand its exposed location. Our stainless steel flagpoles are designed to offer strength and rigidity in all climates, and can withstand windspeeds of 80mph. We always recommend 316 Grade stainless steel (more commonly known as Marine Grade) as its higher Nickel content and added Molybdenum gives the pole an increased corrosion resistance and minimises the risk of staining. A full design report was provided with calculations additionally checked by a third party engineering consultancy.

As space on the roof was very limited our survey found that a window cleaning hoist would be the best place to locate the pole. Custom mounting plates were designed to fit on this unlevel surface.

To allow the client to lower and raise the flag without accessing the roof a custom winch system was designed that could be operated by remote control from a maintenance hut at a lower and safer level.

The flagpole and flag were installed by our installations team and overseen by Special Projects Manager Mik. A crane was used to lift the flagpole the 6 floors to its new home 42m high, overlooking the iconic Gateshead Millennium Bridge and Quay. It was then fitted by our highly experienced team to the highest quality and safety standards.

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