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Projects > Building a long-standing relationship with Taylor Wimpey

Supplying high quality products to Taylor Wimpey developments across the UK

Taylor Wimpey

November 2021


Taylor Wimpey required a specialist flag and flagpole supplier to provide high-quality products, which would be used across all of its new-build housing developments in the UK.

Alongside this, the housebuilder also needed different types of flags produced across the year, for celebratory events and occasions such as achieving a five-star rating from the Home Builders Federation and Pride month.

A key requirement for any supplier was to ensure an excellent delivery service was in operation, so any products could be manufactured and installed in a time-efficient manner.

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Since 2008, Harrison Flagpoles has been the nationwide supplier of flags and flagpoles for Taylor Wimpey’s development. We’ve worked closely with the housebuilder’s marketing and development teams to ensure all requirements are met, in terms of the desired aesthetic and functionality.

We’ve supplied high-quality housebuilder products to Taylor Wimpey throughout our partnership. All of the flags we’ve provided are made from heavy-duty material and have undertaken rigorous testing to ensure they’re of a high enough quality to withstand the natural elements, wherever their new development may be situated. We’ve also been able to produce different flags as and when specified to meet Taylor Wimpey’s marketing needs.

Our industry leading housebuilder flagpoles come complete with a heavy-duty swivel arm mechanism and are designed and manufactured to the euro code of standards and a 2.5mm thickness. This makes our poles the strongest and thickest in the industry and ensures they can withstand wind speeds of up to 50mph when flagged, whilst retaining their structural integrity in adverse weather conditions.


Harrison Flagpoles is the UK’s leading authority for housebuilder flags and flagpoles, which has enabled us to provide Taylor Wimpey with the perfect solutions to meet their requirements.

Over the course of 13 years, we have developed a long-standing relationship with Taylor Wimpey as its supplier of high-quality flag and flagpole solutions for all the housebuilder’s developments across the UK.

We have supplied a wide range of branded flag, banner and fence scrim solutions to meet its requirements, as well as created flags for time-sensitive and special events, occasions and celebrations when requested. We have also installed bespoke flagpoles to meet the needs of each individual development, and operated an efficient delivery service for all of our products.

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