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A new fibreglass flagpole

Canada House


A non guyed glassfibre flagpole.

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Harrison Flagpoles were asked to design a non guyed flagpole strong enough to handle the larger 15′ x 8′ flag flown from the top of Canada House with a footing arrangement to fit onto the new roof structure.


Starting out with the provision of a series of design calculations and wind loadings based on the requirement to fly a 15′ x 8′ flag, Harrison Flagpoles manufactured the required 8 metre flagpole with an additional 3 layers of glass, doubling the wall thickness and further increasing the strength with an additional steel insert within the base of the flagpole. The thickness of the baseplate and anchor points were also calculated based on the wind loadings required for the height and location of the building. Once manufactured, installation was co-ordinated with the main contractors and a full series of Method Statements and RAM were provided to support the installation procedure.

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