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Projects > Commemorative Flagpole for O’Connell Street

Easter risings commemorative flagpole

O'Connell Street


Working with our agent in Ireland, Street and Park Ltd, Harrison Flagpoles supplied a 15 metre stainless steel flagpole to commemorate the Easter Risings of 1916.

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Harrison Flagpoles were requested to supply and deliver a 15 metre stainless steel flagpole to form part of the 100 year commemorative celebrations of the 1916 Easter Risings. The flagpole was to be installed temporarily in front of the GPO building on O’Connell Street, adjacent to the iconic Dublin Needle for a series of flag raising ceremonies, and then moved to a permanent location subsequently. The design needed to be sympathetic to it’s surroundings and the formidable needle structure.


Working closely with our Irish agent and distributor, Street & Park, we designed and manufactured a 15m stainless steel flagpole. Made from 316 marine grade stainless, it came complete with an internal winch mechanism for raising and lowering the flag. The pole was designed to withstand winds of 46 metres per second (155kph) and to be inserted directly into a ground sleeve with a decorative collar to conceal the ground fixing method. Ground sleeve installation allows for the pole to be uprooted and relocated as and when required, with relative ease. Whilst dwarfed by it’s iconic neighbour, the 121 metre needle from it’s graceful taper from a butt of 385mm to a top at 80mm and smooth brush finish were a natural compliment to it’s surroundings.

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