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The Project


March 2018


6 metre glassfibre flagpoles and custom 2 yard flags.

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Parkfield Breeding pride themselves on the high-quality breeding and producing excellent three-day event horses. They wanted to decorate their new area with flagpoles and flags that would reflect this standard. Their sponsors were keen to promote their support of the Cotswold business through the display of flags in their outdoor arena as well as creating an ideal atmosphere to train their top-class horses.


Opting for flags and flagpoles provided Parkfield Breeding optimum coverage for their sponsors on social media as well as top-class event riders who regularly visit their yard. The flags and flagpoles also mimic the busy atmosphere; the horses have to compete in big competitions such as Blenheim Horse Trials, Military Boekelo – Enschede and Mondial du Lion.

A very successful result came from the latter for the British team and an individual 20th for team


As proud British flag and flagpole manufacturers, Harrisons are keen to support all things British, we wish the team at Parkfield Breeding great success in the 2018 season and we are proud to support them in flying the flag for British breeders.

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