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The removal and replacing of flagpoles

Plymouth Hoe Promenade


The client came to us with regards to their 18 x 10 metre steel poles that had been weather beaten and wind-worn. They were seeking the removal of the flagpoles from the Hoe and for them to be replaced with 18 new hinged base plates. “The flags are very much part of the spectacular view and the 18 flagpoles represent not only the city and events, but relationships with other cities.”

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A survey was carried out by site engineers and a detailed report was issued; where we determined how many poles could fit on the promenade and how much concrete would be required. We carried out a CAT scan on the undergrounds to ensure no electric wiring would be in harms way and we discussed the waste of materials and access platform equipment. We concluded that we needed to supply 18 x 10 metre glassfibre flagpoles with hinged base plates, which would allow the client to lower the poles in order to carry out any maintenance.

Image photo credit: Chris Bannister via Flickr


The poles were successfully manufactured and quality checked by the manufacturing team based in Newton Aycliffe; with each pole having an internal mechanism built into the flagpole to allow the roping system to be operated internally.

A full set of Risk and Method statements were produced by the Special Projects team for the installation of the poles. Harrison Flagpoles’ site engineers then delivered the new glassfibre poles directly to Plymouth Council. The engineers spent 4-5 days on site removing and disposing of the old steel poles with the aid of a Self-Propelled Articulating Boom to lower the poles safely to the ground. Digging and poring 18 fresh concrete bases, allowing the bases to have a week’s curing time.

Harrison’s engineers returned to site one week later to erect the flagpoles. The engineers successfully installed the 18 new glassfibre flagpoles and all of the associated accessories and base plates.

Banner photo credit: Dafydd via Flickr
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