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Printing and installation of large angled head flags

Royal Academy of Arts


Printing and installation of large angled head flags every 4-6 weeks to promote the latest exhibition.

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The Royal Academy of Arts (RA), based in the heart of London, is an independently, privately funded institution led by eminent artists and architects. It has resided in the impressive Burlington House since 1868.

Harrison Flagpoles designed and installed wall mounted flagpoles above a balcony over a portico roof at the entrance of the building through the RA’s contractor. We were then asked to manufacture and install new angled head flags every 4-6 weeks to enable the RA to showcase their latest exhibitions.

Due to the location of the flagpoles specialist equipment would be needed to change the flags. Work would need to be done when the building was closed to the public.


The large 1.92 x 3.2m  portrait, double sided, angled head flags are printed on knitted polyester and finished with a rope and toggle.

For each flag change our experienced installation team work to create Risk Assessment Methods (RAMs) to be signed off by the client, then arrange a suitable out-of-hours time for the work to be carried out. A cherry picker is hired from a local company each time and all work is carried out to the highest safety standards.

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