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Oliver Riddle

Technical Sales Engineer

What is your area of expertise?

Engineering and design

What does your job role entail?

Looking after our ‘special projects’ from cradle to grave. These are our custom flagpole options that are designed and produced in-house.

What makes you passionate about your job?

Being creative and producing weird and wonderful designs then watching them come to life.

Why did you choose Harrisons?

I was being made redundant from the previous role and wanted to try a new challenge.

What makes Harrisons different to other companies?

The fantastic staff!

What does a typical day look like for you?

A few hours at my desk and a bit of time in the warehouse checking the progress of ongoing projects – oh and a few cups of tea!

If you could try another profession, what would it be?

I would have loved to be in the Royal Air Force.

Favourite hobbies/interests out of work?

Flying and powerlifting.

What would your peers/colleagues say about you?


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