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Want to learn more about the work we do, find out more about the industry or get advice on how to best display your flags? Check out our blog posts below!

Advice Flags

The lifespan of a flag depends on various factors. These include where it is flown, what it is made from, and the weather conditions it is
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26th Apr 2024
Flags History World flags

On 23rd April, England honours its patron saint, St George, on his feast day. The iconic St George’s Cross flag, the flag of England, takes centre
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23rd Apr 2024
Flags World flags

When we think of national flags, we typically think of rectangular designs. However there are a few countries whose flags do not conform to this norm.
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12th Apr 2024
Eco-friendly Flags

Whatever your flag is used for, and wherever it is displayed, you’ll want it to last as long as possible. You want to preserve the aesthetic
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8th Apr 2024