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Unusual flags

12th Apr 2024
By sarah-jane grainger |
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When we think of national flags, we typically think of rectangular designs. However there are a few countries whose flags do not conform to this norm. Here we explore the flags of Nepal, Switzerland and Vatican City. These are all more unusual flags in design.


Nepal‘s flag is not rectangular like most flags. Instead, it has two overlapping triangles on a red background with blue borders. The upper triangle holds a white crescent moon. The lower triangle has a white sun with twelve points, symbolising Nepal’s Himalayan heritage. Red represents Nepalese tenacity and bravery, while blue signifies peace. The sun and moon represent sovereignty and purity.

Unique unusual flags: Nepal


Switzerland‘s flag is square, not rectangular, which is unusual. It has a red background with a white cross in the centre. The white cross has four arms of equal length, each of which are one sixth longer than their width.

The Swiss cross on a red field has strong Christian connotations and represents the notions of freedom, neutrality, democracy and refuge.

Switzerland flag - an unusual flag

Vatican City

Vatican City‘s flag is also often depicted as a square. It has two equal, vertical stripes, with a yellow-gold colour on the left and white on the right. On the white stripe is a coat of arms depicting a papal tiara and crossed keys of St Peter. These are the keys to the kingdom of heaven Jesus is said to have given to St Peter. The golden key on the coat of arms represents spiritual power, whilst the silver key symbolises the worldly power of the papacy.

Vatican City flag - an unusual flag design

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