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The timeless charm of bunting

5th Jul 2024
By sarah-jane grainger |
Eco-friendly | Events | Flags |

When you picture a party or celebration, what decoration is the first to come to mind? For us it’s bunting! Whatever the celebration, no festivity is complete without it. It’s the decorative element that never fails to capture the essence of joy and merriment!

The history of bunting

Bunting traces its origins back centuries, with its roots in nautical traditions. Sailors adorned ships with colourful flags, or “bunts,” to signal celebrations, victories, or special occasions. Over time, this maritime tradition evolved into the decorative designs we know today. In particular, it heralded the traditional triangular shaped flags.

Historical events

Bunting has played a role in many historical events. After World War II, for example, victory bunting was hung to celebrate the end of the war. It also served to honour the sacrifices of servicemen and women.

Versatile decor for every occasion

One of the best things about bunting is its versatility. Whatever the event, it adds a festive touch to any setting. It’s great for birthday parties, wedding celebrations, outdoor festivals, or patriotic events. It is available in many colours and materials including PVC, PU coated nylon and paper. You can even design your own!

custom bunting

Celebrating cultural heritage

Bunting plays a significant role in cultural celebrations and traditions around the world. These include colourful papel picado for Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos and decorative patriotic designs for royal Jubilees and Coronations. It reflects the unique heritage and spirit of diverse cultures around the world.

Evoking nostalgia

There’s something inherently nostalgic about the thought of bunting fluttering in the breeze. Strung across a garden patio, draped along a street, hung above a stage, or decorating your house… it evokes feelings of joy and nostalgia, making us think of simpler times and carefree celebrations.

Sustainable and eco-friendly option

In a time where we all need to be environmentally conscious and sustainable, bunting stands out as an eco-friendly option. It can be reused time and time again, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Harrison Flagpoles’ bunting

Our versatile bunting comes in 10m lengths and a range of materials. Custom sizes and quantities are available.

  • 350micron PVC bunting: suitable for outdoor use, as it is weather and fire resistant. Available in a triangular shape. You can pick any six colours from our list of 15 options.
  • 4oz PU coated nylon bunting: suitable for outdoor use, and available in a triangular shape. You can choose any six colours from our list of eight options.
  • 170gsm paper bunting: only suitable for indoor use. It is available in triangles or A5 rectangular pennants. Our paper bunting can be printed with your own design, and either single- or double-sided. The triangular option has 24 pennants per 10m length and the rectangular version has 32 pennants per 10m length.
  • Eco-friendly bunting: made from waterproof, tearproof synthetic paper, which your custom design is printed on. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The synthetic paper is made from high-density polyethylene HDPE. It is pulp-free, so it has no impact on forest resources. The manufacturing process also uses five times less water than traditional paper production, preserving vital resources. The triangles or A5-sized rectangles are joined by polypropylene webbing which can also be recycled.

As we celebrate life’s special moments and gather for parties, don’t forget about the simple beauty of bunting. From its humble origins at sea to its popularity now in celebrations worldwide, it continues to enchant and delight. It reminds us of the simple joy of coming together in celebration.

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