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All about directional poles

14th Jun 2024
By sarah-jane grainger |
Events |

Directional poles are an essential tool for guiding people to the right places in various event settings. They’re often referred to as a Wayfinder, so when you’re organising your next event, remember the crucial part they play in providing clear and concise directions.

What are directional poles?

These poles are tall, freestanding posts equipped with signage or flags designed to guide or direct people. They are commonly used at festivals, fairs, concerts, parks, sporting events, mass participation events, trade shows, and tourist attractions. The poles often feature directions, points of interest, or other important information.

Directional poles for signposting visitors to your event

What are the benefits of directional poles?

Improved navigation – Directional poles help people find their way quickly and efficiently. This is especially important in large or complex areas where visitors might otherwise become disoriented.

Enhanced visitor experience – Clear signage reduces confusion and frustration, improving the overall experience for visitors.

Increased safety – In emergencies, directional poles can guide people to emergency exits or safe areas, enhancing overall safety. They also help manage crowd flow and reduce congestion.

Branding opportunities – Directional poles can be customised with branding elements, such as logos and colours. This reinforces brand identity and awareness. It provides a cohesive look for events and commercial spaces.

Tips for use at events

Strategic placement is important. Position directional poles at key points where people naturally need to choose a direction. This could be at an entrance or an intersection of paths. Ensure that the information on the poles is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Maintain consistency in design across all directional poles. Use the same colours, fonts, and symbols to create a professional look.

Our directional poles

Our tapered directional poles are manufactured from 76mm or 60mm aluminium. They come with a 25kg concrete base, in powder coated black as standard. If your event is on grass or soft ground, there’s also the option of a ground spike instead. Other colours are available on request. Foamex panels can be designed and printed to suit your requirements, with space for four on each pole. These panels can be either single- or double-sided, and are available in 3mm, 5mm or 10mm thicknesses.

Directional pole

Directional poles are a versatile and effective solution for guiding people in a wide range of settings. They’re perfect for wayfinding as well as adding height and interest to your branding messages. At Harrisons, we can provide a variety of customisable directional poles to meet your specific needs. For more information on our events branding items, contact us.

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