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FIFA Women’s World Cup – A Fun Facts About Flags special – Group F

30th Jul 2023
By sarah-jane grainger |
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The matches so far in the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup have certainly showcased brilliant skills! We can’t wait to see what the remaining matches will bring! We’re celebrating the competition with a series of posts bringing you fun facts about the flags of the teams in each group.

Today, we’re looking at the flags of the countries in Group F: Brazil, France, Jamaica and Panama.

Womens World Cup Group F


The flag of Brazil has a green background with a yellow diamond with equal length sides in the centre. A dark blue circle is in the middle, with 27 small white stars sprayed across it, including the Southern Cross. There is a curved white band arching across blue circle with the National Motto on it.

Did you know:

  • World Cup Brazil flagThe current Brazilian flag was adopted just four days after the country became a republic.
  • The stars on the flag represent the way the constellations were seen in the southern hemisphere, or Rio de Janeiro specifically, in the early morning the day the country became a republic.
  • There is a special anthem for the flag, sung on Brazil’s flag day (November 19th).


The flag of France has a vertical tricolour of blue, white and red stripes.

Did you know:

  • The shade of blue was lightened in the 1970s by then-French President Giscard d’Estaing to match the blue of the EU flag. This was so it would look more coordinated in the media. It was changed back in 2017 by President Macron.

  • Until 1794 the colours of the Tricolore were reversed, displaying as red, white and blue.
  • Before Napoleon’s reign, the stripes of the flag were not equal. The percentage of the width for each colour were: Red – 30%, White – 33%, Blue – 37%.


The flag of Jamaica has a yellow saltire which divides the flag into four. The top and bottom sections are green and the left and right sections are black.

Did you know:

World Cup Jamaica flag

  • The Jamaican flag is one of just two in the world not to feature at least one of the colours red, white and blue.
  • The flag design came from nation-wide competition to design a flag.
  • The flag of Jamaica was adopted when the country gained its independence from the UK in 1962, the first Caribbean country to do so.


The flag of Panama is divided into four rectangles. The top row has a white rectangle with blue five-pointed star and a red rectangle. The bottom row has a blue rectangle and a white rectangle with a red five-pointed star.

Did you know:World Cup - Panama flag

  • The colours of the Panama flag represent the two leading political parties of the country, with the white representing peace between the two.
  • Panama Flag Day is celebrated annually on November 4th.
  • The Panamanian flag is one of only a few that has a distinctive design rather than the usual stripe designs.


Check back in the coming days when we’ll be exploring fun facts about the flags of the country’s in Group G of the FIFA Women’s World Cup: Argentina, Italy, South Africa and Sweden.

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