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FIFA Women’s World Cup – A Fun Facts About Flags special – Group H

3rd Aug 2023
By sarah-jane grainger |
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The FIFA Women’s Football World Cup group stages are coming to an end, and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens in the knockout stages! We’re celebrating the competition with a series of posts bringing you fun facts about the flags of the teams in each group.

Today, we’re looking at the flags of the countries in Group H: Colombia, Germany, Morocco and South Korea.

World Cup Group H


The flag of Colombia is a horizontal tricolour of yellow (double height), blue and red.

Did you know:

  • World Cup ColumbiaThe Colombian flag was designed by Venezuelan military leader and revolutionary: Francisco de Miranda.
  • The flags of Ecuador, Colombia and Venzuela are almost identical. Following their independence, they formed a confederation – Gran Colombia – which parted ways in 1830.
  • The yellow stripe is double the height of the blue and red stripes. It symbolises the natural resource of gold within the country.


The flag of Germany is a horizontal tricolour of black, red and yellow/gold.

Did you know:

  • World Cup Germany

    When the colours of the flag were decided upon, they had no meaning attached to them. Now the black is thought to represent determination, the red symbolises bravery and strength and the gold stands for generosity.

  • The flag is not often used in public due to the nation’s discomfort at displays of nationalism; usually it is just used by official authorities and at sporting events.
  • Whilst the national flag is a simple one, the same can’t be said for the flags of the German states which have much more elaborate designs.


The flag of Morocco has a red background with a green pentagram in the centre.

Did you know:

World Cup - Morocco

  • The earliest version of the modern flag can be traced back to the 12th century, with the Almohad dynasty.
  • Red and green are traditionally used by Arabic countries in their flags.
  • The green pentagram star is known as the Seal of Solomon with the five points symbolising the five pillars of Islam: faith, prayer, charity, fasting and pilgrimage.

South Korea

The flag of South Korea has a white background with a red (on the top) and blue (on the bottom) yin and yang symbol. Each corner of the flag has a trigram of three dashes or a combination of whole and broken lines.

Did you know:World Cup - South Korea

  • South Korea’s flag is known as “Taegukgi” which means Supreme Ultimate Flag.
  • The Taegukgi was used by both North and South Korea from Korea’s year of independence in 1945 until a new flag was adopted in the north in 1948.
  • Despite the current politic state of relations between North and South Korea, there is a single unified flag used in sporting events where both nations compete.


We’ve now completed our look at the teams in the group stages of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning some interesting facts about the flags of these countries.

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