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Flagpoles and flags frequently asked questions

11th May 2022
By sarah-jane grainger |
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From finials and flag sizes to pole type and permissions, we’ve compiled a list of answers to our top 10 flagpoles and flags FAQs

1. What flagpoles do you offer?

Our flagpoles come in a range of shapes and sizes. As the UK’s only independent manufacturer of glassfibre flagpoles, we produce standard flagpoles in our ‘commercial glassfibre’ range from 5m up to 18 metres high but we recommend two sizes for gardens: 6 metres and 8 metres.

– A 6 metre garden flagpole is our most popular size and is just taller than the gutter on a two storey home. When your flagpole is installed, no matter the size, you will lose approximately 10% of the length into the ground.

– For a three storey home, or a home with a larger garden where the flagpole will be situated far away from the building, we recommend an 8 metre garden flagpole.

View our garden flagpole range.

Garden flagpole flying union in front of house


2. Which flagpole is best for my garden?

Our garden flagpoles come in two different materials, glassfibre and aluminium. Depending on the height you prefer, there are different options available for your pole. We recommend following the handy flow chart on page 10 of our Garden Flagpole Buying Guide to decide on your perfect flagpole.

3. Do I need planning permission for my garden flagpole?

There are many factors which determine whether planning permission is required for a flagpole and finding a definitive answer can get complicated, but broadly speaking it is dependent on the height, exact location, quantity of flagpoles and flags and their purpose.


For a flagpole up to 4.6 metres in height, planning permission is not required. However, the rules do vary from one local authority to another and we recommend that you contact your local authority to confirm what the rules are in your area. Our most popular size of flagpole is 6 metres so permission may be required in some areas.


Up to two flags are permitted within the grounds of a building and there is no restriction on the size of the flag, however to avoid planning permission flagpoles must not exceed 4.6 metres in height. Where flagpoles are installed at height or where multiple flagpoles are required, it is best to check with your local planning authority first.


The majority of flagpoles are erected in order to fly national, county, borough or religious flags. In most instances permission is not required for these types of flags. Only when a flag design is deemed as advertising does local planning permission need to be sought. This is often the case for hotels, automotive dealerships, or public events venues, when flags are used for promotional purposes. For more information read UK Government guide on flying flags: Flying flags: a plain English guide.

For more detail read this Rules and Regulations to Consider When Installing a Flagpole in Your Garden.


4. Can I Install a flagpole myself?

It is very possible to install a flagpole yourself, so long as you have the appropriate access, tools and following the safety guidelines. Many homeowners choose to install a flagpole themselves in fact it can make for a satisfying and enjoyable garden project.

Follow this How to install your Garden Flagpole Guide to easily and safely install your own flagpole in your garden. We do also offer a nationwide installation service as well, for those who would rather hand it over to someone else.

We often find that businesses and public services organizations request that we carry out the installation work on their behalf. In many instances, these flagpoles are more complex in nature.

As an alternative solution to permanently cementing your flagpole into the ground we also offer a ground screw option. This can be a practical option for temporary flag placement.

Read our blog on how to install a flagpole with a ground screw.

5. Do I need anti fray?

Anti-fray is a mesh type of trim that is added to the edge of the flag to lengthen the lifespan of the product. It takes the brunt force of the wind making your flag last longer. When the anti-fray starts to fray and pull away, simply return it to us and we will add more anti fray netting to the existing flag. Saving you money in the long run. It is a very cost-effective option when you take into account the initial flag investment.

Anti-fray netting can be added to the edge of the flag to lengthen its life.

6. Can I fly a flag in high winds?

Though Harrison Flagpoles manufacture ultra strong flagpoles, designed to withstand highland and coastal locations where weather condition are harsher, there are still some basic pieces of advice you should consider if you are looking to fly a flag in strong wind conditions. Such as  adhering to  recommended wind speeds and exact flagpoles location and flagpole height. Our flagpoles comes with technical specifications that determine maximum windspeeds. Read this advice article for more information on flying a flag in high winds.


7. Can I create my own design for my flag?

It is very possible to create your own flag design and relatively easy to do with a good print supplier. We are often approached by businesses, organizations and schools to create flag designs on their behalf. We often produce crest and coat of arms designs too. Our studio team can easily produce artwork to your design specification and brand guidelines.

We can produce these bespoke flags in a range of materials and finishes from the popular digital print, to eco print, antifray finish or double sided print.

For extra quality and a longer lasting flag we recommend hand-sewn. Our hand-crafted option are produced with woven polyester or Eco Flag and our hand-sewn by our skilled UK based team.

It is easy to upload your artwork at the point of checkout if you are purchasing online, or simply email our sales team your artwork. Please ensure you follow our Artwork Guidelines so that there is no delay in producing your bespoke flag.


8. What size flag is best?

The size of flag required depends on the size of the pole, though theoretically, we can create a flag of any size. We have even produced bespoke giant crowd flags for festivals and events!

We recommend that you refer to the below flag size guidelines table. If you are still unsure, contact our team.

For further information on choosing your flag, read our flag buying guide.

9. Do I need to service my flagpole?

It is important that your flagpole is regularly inspected and maintained for both cosmetic and safety reasons. It stands to reason that you would want your flag and flagpole looking it’s best, but it also needs to be maintained and regularly serviced to ensure it remains safe as it is a legal requirement to ensure that the flagpole is safe and no risk to health. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires a ‘Maintenance of it in a condition that is safe and without risk to health’.

We advise an annual service as well as additional inspections following high winds and stormy weather. Harrison Flagpoles offers a maintenance and repair service. You can also find a comprehensive list of maintenance recommendations for glassfibre flagpoles here.


10. Can I purchase environmentally friendly flag products?

Yes. We offer a range of flag and other print products that are eco-friendly. In fact, we were the pioneers of the eco-friendly flag material in the UK, launching our eco range in 2018. Recently rebranded to Harrison Eco, our range includes flag materials, banners, indoor banners and signage solutions. Find out more about Harrison Eco.

In addition, we also offer a fabric upcycling scheme and recently begin recycling our glassfibre flagpole offcuts in a bid to reduce the amount going to landfill. From the get-go we have always been keen to look at new and better ways of doing things and this includes minimizing our impact on the planet.

Harrison Flagpoles is the UK’s leading flagpole authority and the only manufacturer of glassfibre flagpoles in the country.

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