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How to install a flagpole with a ground screw

4th May 2022
By sarah-jane grainger |
Advice | Flagpoles |

Temporary flagpole installation using a ground screw or ground spike

In most instances, flagpoles are secured into the ground using a ground sleeve which is permanently cemented into the earth. This is advisable for nearly all flagpoles, domestic or commercial. However, there are occasions when it is possible and practical to use a temporary flagpole fixing such as a ground screw or ground spike.

Flagpole Ground Spike

How easy it is to use a ground screw or ground spike?

The flagpoles can be installed by one person with good mobility. As with all DIY and garden project, care should be taken and it may take two people. The ground screw is straight forward to fix into the earth. View this video for instructions on how to install the ground spike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwddL5AL-8M

As the video shows, the ground screw comes with two bolts to hold the pole in place and one small lever bar.

When to use a ground screw

Ground screws can be used on flagpole 6-meter in height or less and normally we would recommend them for 6-meter glassfibre or aluminium pole. The ground screw is best used in medium to soft earth, for example a typical grassed area of your garden not a loose flower bed. And it is also recommended that the screw be installed in dry weather when there is not too much ground water.

What are the maximum windspeeds for a flagpole secure with a ground screw?

As you’d expect, temporary flagpole fixings should not be used in high winds and are best used in fair weather. Flagpoles must not be fixed with a ground screw when wind speeds are above 15mph or 25mph unflagged. You will also struggle to keep the flagpole in place if the ground is very wet.

Pros and cons


– A cheaper installation solution – a ground screw costs £39.60, and so is a relatively cost-effective way to install your flagpole.

-Quick installation – The ground allows for a very quick flagpoles installation when compared to a permanently cementing your ground sleeve in position.

-Easily moved – With a ground screw it is very easy to change the location of your flagpole, making it ideal for events and festivals.


-Fair weather use- Not suitable for wet and windy conditions

-Short term use – Not suitable for long term use

-For shorter flagpoles – Can’t be used on flagpoles above 6m meters in height

Purchase your ground screw online or call our sales team on the contact below.

Harrison Flagpole is the UK’s leading flagpole authority and the only glassfibre flagpole manufacturer in the UK. For expert advice on all matters flags and flagpole contact 0132 390 195 or email sales@weareharrisons.com.

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