Cornwall County flag


Show your pride in Cornwall County by flying one of our quality British County Flags. Ideal for county fairs, local events, community centres or homes.

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Cornwall County Flag

Th Cornwall County Flag is also known as the Cross of Saint Piran or Saint Piran’s flag. Legend has it that the flag represents the discovery of tin in the territory by the 6th century abbot, Saint Piran, who adopted the contrasting colours upon seeing the white molten tin spilling out of the black ore in his fire. Saint Piran is recognised as the patron saint of tin miners generally and of Cornwall particularly. Saint Piran’s Day is celebrated on 5th March each year. The flag appears in a stained glass window at St Petroc’s Church, Bodmin , installed in 1886, along with an image of St Piran and is famously included in another window at Westminster Abbey, unveiled in 1888 in memory of the celebrated Cornish inventor and engineer Richard Trevithick. Digitally printed or hand sewn and finished with a rope and toggle our British County flags are singled sided and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Our digitally printed flags are printed onto quality polyester material or our Harrison Eco™ material which is made from recycled plastic. If you want that extra touch of quality or a longer lasting solution, we would recommend our hand sewn option. The hand crafted flags are produced using woven polyester with knitted polyester layering by our skilled in-house sewing team in Newton Aycliffe, North East England. The experienced team meticulously appliqué the flags the exact County design.

We have a wide range of County flags if the flag you are looking for isn’t available on our website please call us on 01325 390 195 or email us for a quote.

Technical Specification

Harrison Flagpoles
  • Size: 1 yard (0.91 x 0.46 m), 1.5 yard (1.37 x 0.69m), 2 yard (1.83 x 0.91m), 2.5 yard (2.29 x 1.14m), 3 yard (2.74 x 1.37m), 4 yard (3.66 x 1.83m), 5 yard (4.57 x 2.29m), 6 yard (5.49m x 2.74m)
  • Print Option: Hand sewn, Harrison Eco™ flag, Standard digital
  • Anti Fray: No, Yes