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Standard flag sizes – A conversion guide

26th Jan 2024
By sarah-jane grainger |
Advice | Flags |

Flags can be an expression of identity, pride, history or celebration. However, the world of flag sizes can be as vast and varied as the flags themselves. Here is a conversion guide of standard flag sizes, helping you to find the perfect dimensions for your flag-flying needs.

A table showing conversions of standard flag sizes, between yard, feet and metres

The variety of flag sizes you may need

Flags come in such a range of dimensions, designed to suit various purposes and settings:

Handheld miniature flags

Handwaver flags are perfect for events, decorations, and handheld displays. They range from the petite 4″x6″ to the slightly larger 12″x18”.

Union handwavers

Standard flags

Standard flags typically adorn residential flagpoles. From the classic 3’x5′ to the slightly larger 4’x6′, these dimensions strike a balance between visibility and elegance for everyday use.

Large residential flags

Large flags are ideal for those properties with taller flagpoles. They range from 5’x8′ to 6’x10′, and make a bold statement in larger spaces.

Commercial and institutional flags

Commercial and institutional flags are used by businesses, schools, and government buildings. These flags range from 8’x12′ to 30’x60′. Their size conveying authority and significance.

Stadium flags

These giant crowd flags are seen in arenas, usually during important sporting events. They range in size from 20’x38′ to 30’x60′. These colossal banners symbolise unity, pride, and great celebration.

Giant crowd flag

Custom-sized flags

Despite all of the above, the world of flags is not confined to “standard” sizes. There is a realm of custom-sized flags, tailored to meet specific requirements. These include for parades, ceremonies, or unique flag displays.

Equip yourself with the tools to navigate the metric dimensions of flags. Then, you can confidently choose the right flag sizes regardless of the measurement system. For any additional support or advice, contact us by calling 01325 390195.

About Harrison Flagpoles

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