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A greener way with Harrison Eco™ flag

1st Sep 2020
By sarah-jane grainger |
Eco-friendly | Flags | News |

Green business operations and greener purchasing habits are here to stay. From reusable bags, recycled plastic items to recycled clothing and electric cars. The production and demand for these consumables are driven by global and UK government legislation. All businesses have a understanding from both businesses and consumers that we have to operate in a more sustainable way. We are slowly wakening up to the undeniable truth that we must look after our planet.

Commercial benefits of going green

There are also commercial benefits for businesses switching to greener practices.  For newer businesses, sustainability is becoming a fundamental element of commercial success, start-ups are often switched onto the fact that buyers and consumers are more conscious than ever. Green credentials are an important factor for many buyers, some businesses actively seek out suppliers with substantial green values, not just token policies.

Research suggests that businesses are reporting profitability from sustainability. And although implementing greener policies and infrastructure can sometimes be costly to begin with, the long-term economic benefit far outweighs the initial outlay. Lower energy costs, lower paper consumption and lower carbon footprint can help the balance sheet.

As a UK manufacturer,  Harrison Flagpoles has been ahead of the game in terms of sustainability. We are the pioneers of an environmentally friendly flag material, Harrison Eco™ Flag, having diversified in recent years, expanding the range to include display and branding products sold through sister company Harrison EDS. Responding to the demand for greener alternatives to PVC banners, Foamex, Correx and PVC Mesh and wanting to operate in a more sustainable way ourselves, our eco-products are part of a much wider sustainability policy which is integrated into many areas of our business. Find out more about our Harrison Eco™ range here.

About our eco friendly flag

Harrison Eco™ Flag is made of recycled plastic and industrial polyester waste. The waste is melted down into chips, then spun into yarn that is then knitted into material. The product offers the same durability, strength and versatility as knitted polyester. It creates 75% less CO2 emissions during its production and meets requirements for the OEKO-TEX® 100 standards and is free from toxic elements.

Our eco friendly flag material is growing in popularity, as it’s so incredibly simple to switch to a greener product. Especially as there is no impact on product integrity and relatively small difference in cost. We have many customers switching from traditional knitted polyester as it’s a simple way for them to move towards sustainability. And we are also welcoming new customers who are coming to us purely to access our range of eco friendly products.

To find out more about our eco friendly flag and our other green initiatives such as our flag recycling scheme, visit our website https://flagpoles.co.uk/harrison-eco/



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