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A step forward for sustainability

23rd Sep 2020
By sarah-jane grainger |
Branding | Eco-friendly | Flags |

It’s another step forward for sustainability amongst construction firms.

Earlier this year it was announced that leading construction contractors pledged to tackle climate change. With almost 1000 firms signing formal declarations which will result in ‘greener’ working practices. In brief, contractors formally committed to adhering to a list of behaviours that will work to raise awareness of climate change. This will accelerate a shift to greater sustainability across the industry.

The full list of commitments in this declaration are outlined in an article published by Construction News in June 2020.

Despite some critics labelling this climate emergency pledge as ‘virtue signalling’, there were already many contractors adopting greener practices. Perhaps this increased pressure has simply accelerated a movement that was already in motion.

Has there always been a demand?

Before the Climate Emergency Pledge, propelled by the global climate emergency, demand for sustainable suppliers from construction firms already existed. Certainly, from our perspective, a portion of customers have been searching for green alternatives for some time now. What’s more, contractors have experienced scrutiny over their purchasing choices for some time. They had to demonstrate sustainable business practices that stretched well beyond office recycling initiatives and paperless systems. So, although this pledge is a very visible commitment by the whole industry to change behaviours, we believe this declaration is reaching an audience that was already very much switched on to the climate crises and therefore already committed to change.

As a supplier of traditional and environmentally friendly branding and flag products, we’re very close to what is happening on the ground and have experienced this shift for ourselves. Yet, we also know that we have a part to play in encouraging more suppliers to switch to greener alternatives where they can. In some instances, the customer is unaware of the short and long term benefits of switching to the greener option, or even aware of the product itself. So, we know we must continue to raise awareness and stimulate demand for products in our Harrison Eco™ range such as Harrison Eco™ Mesh, Harrison Eco™ Flag and Harrison Eco™ Banner.

As a manufacturer with strong green values, we’re always keen to work with like-minded companies to deliver sustainable branding solutions.

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