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All about: Forecourt Flagpoles

29th Dec 2023
By sarah-jane grainger |
Advice | Flagpoles | Forecourt Flagpoles |

The entrance to a business or institution is a canvas that sets the tone for what lies beyond. Forecourt flagpoles are more than mere accessories; they are symbols that welcome, inspire, and convey a sense of pride. Read on for a short guide to forecourt flagpoles.

Forecourt flagpoles


When customers visit your forecourt, first impressions count. Use forecourt flagpoles to make your business stand out. Use the space wisely, make a bold statement, and attract the customers into your business with these amazing visual aids.

Forecourt flagpole at dealership

Forecourt flagpole type

You can choose traditional fixed poles or go for the majestic telescopic option. Our telescopic poles are 5.4m high and are perfect for temporary use during promotional events.

Forecourt flagpoles can be fixed in place with a ground sleeve. With the addition of a ground spike or heavy duty plastic or steel foot they can be placed anywhere on the forecourt or grassed area. At 60mm diameter they are stronger than our competitors. Each pole comes complete with our 34mm diameter heavy duty swivel arm mechanism which is the strongest on the market.

Truck Poles

The 5.4m and 6m truck flagpoles can accommodate large trucks as our extra long steel truck foot allows even the biggest wheels to be positioned onto it.

Maintenance tips

You can ensure the longevity of your forecourt flagpoles with regular maintenance. From inspecting for wear and tear to cleaning and repainting, you can keep your flagpoles looking majestic and well-maintained. Regularly inspect for cracks and rust, ensure poles and bases are properly sealed to prevent water damage, and when cleaning, avoid harsh chemicals that could cause damage or corrosion.

Compliance: check the local regulations

Navigate local regulations and guidelines concerning forecourt flagpoles. Ensure compliance with height restrictions, placement rules, and any other regulations that may affect the installation of flagpoles in your specific location.


Enhancing your establishment’s entrance with forecourt flagpoles is the perfect way to show pride in your business as well as promote the brand. They are more than just structures – they are symbols of distinction, helping you to stand out from competitors.

Harrison Flagpoles are supplier to some of the biggest names in the industry, including Audi, BMW, Peugeot and Nissan. So, we know what it takes to truly impress your customers.

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