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Choose high-quality banner poles for your promotional displays

20th May 2024
By sarah-jane grainger |
Flagpoles | Signage |

If you’re looking for the perfect way to promote business activities, take a look at banner poles. Whether you’re looking to promote an exhibition or event at a museum, new housing development, or specific companies within retail and business parks, they’ll do the job perfectly! Banner poles have the benefit that the banners themselves can be easily changed when needed.

Harrison Flagpoles offer three types of banner pole: wall mounted, ground mounted and custom design. All Harrison Flagpoles banner poles are high quality, strong, long-lasting and versatile. We have a range of designs, sizes and material options to choose from, and all are manufactured in the UK. A full specification, design and installation service is available no matter which banner pole type you choose. Read on to find out more of each banner pole type.

Wall Mounted Banner Poles

A wall mounted banner pole is perfect for a number of circumstances including when:

  • You don’t want to take up ground space with a banner or flag
  • There is no ground area available
  • You want your message to be seen from afar

Mounting the banner pole on the wall puts the space on the side of your building to good use.

Wall mounted banner poles at shopping complex

Harrison Flagpoles offer both standard and executive poles. Both consist of a 60mm diameter steel pole, with capped ends and a galvanised finish. The standard banner pole has an arm length of 0.75m which is secured by a steel plate bolted to the wall. The double-sided PVC banner is simply slipped over the arms. The executive pole’s arm length is 1m and comes complete with straining arms designed to prevent the banner from twisting and distorting in windy conditions. In this way, you can ensure your branding will always look at its best.

Wall mounted banner pole outside garage advertising repairs

Ground Mounted Banner Poles

A ground mounted banner pole is a banner pole that is fixed to the ground. Our ground mounted poles are designed to withstand winds up to 100mph. So, there are no limits to where they can be sited. Depending on the banner size and wind load guarantee required, there are several different pole diameter and heights available. Each pole can accommodate one double-sided banner, back-to-back banners or side-by-side banners.

Types of ground mounted banner poles

The use of tapered aluminium or parallel steel ensures banners are always taught, presentable and safe by incorporating special tensioning arms.

Ground mounted banner pole at housing development

Custom Banner Poles

Looking for a more bespoke design for your banner pole? Our custom banner poles are for you! We’ll work with you to design your pole to display your messages. The poles can be powder coated to any available RAL colour to match your branding perfectly. They are supplied with the same tensioning system as the standard banner poles. We can incorporate LED lighting, decorative finials, ground collards and hoistable banner systems if required. Several different pole diameter and heights are available, depending on your requirements.

Custom banner poles advertising Stockton Riverside festival

Banner poles at the Royal Albert Hall

Harrison Flagpoles were asked to design, supply and install banner poles at the Royal Albert Hall in central London. They were required to complement the facade of the iconic building. The client asked for a winch-operated lowerable banner system and custom coronet mouldings on the top of the poles.

Read more about this project on our website.

Custom banner poles outside Royal Albert Hall

Custom designed poles at the National Museum of Scotland

Harrison Flagpoles designed and manufactured a pair of 12m galvanised steel banner poles. The purpose of the banner poles was to draw attention to exhibitions at the National Museum of Scotland. These were painted to the architect’s specification and designed to suspend banners of 1.3m wide by 5m tall.

Read more about this project on our website.

Banner poles at National Museum of Scotland
Image credit: Tom Parnell via Flickr

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