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Rigged Flagpole for a Historic Renovation Project at The Mount, Fleetwood

14th Apr 2021
By sarah-jane grainger |
Case Study | Flagpoles |

The Mount is a historic hilled landmark in the coastal town of Fleetwood, Lancashire that has a rigged flagpole. It is surrounded by The Mount Gardens and homes a Grade II-listed pavilion on the hilltop.

Due to its age and condition, the local council wanted to revive The Mount to its former glory, with the first phase of the renovation on the seaward side of landmark being completed in 2017.

For the second phase of The Mount’s renovation, Wyre Council was awarded £2.4 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Big Lottery Fund in 2018 to transform the landward side including the pavilion, the rose garden and the gate lodge. The overall ambition of the project was to revive the iconic landmark, bringing it back to its original 19th century design.

A much-loved feature of The Mount was its flag mast, which stood proudly on the hilltop in front of the existing pavilion. However, as part of the wider renovation project, the mast needed to be replaced due to its condition and quality.

To meet the requirements of the renovation project, a flagpole expert was required to design, construct and install a rigged flagpole.

Our Response

Harrison Flagpoles was instructed by Wyre Council to create and install a replacement flagpole in front of the historic Mount pavilion. We provided a flagpole which not only was in keeping with the original design ambitions of the wider project but was also able to withstand the natural elements it would be subject to due to its location.

We designed 18-metre high fully rigged flagpole, which included a yard arm and gaff to create a more historical aesthetic and was sympathetic to the design of the original flag mast outside of the pavilion.

Due to The Mount being in a raised, coastal location on Fleetwood Esplanade, an ultra-heavy pole was required to ensure it could endure the weather and environmental conditions it would face. Our expert installation team secured the flagpole onto a hinge-based plate, with additional stability and support with four guy ropes and anchor points.

The Results

Harrison Flagpoles is the UK’s leading authority when it comes designing, constructing and installing flagpoles, so our knowledge and expertise of working on projects involving historical landmarks meant we were best placed to undertake the replacement of The Mount’s flag mast.

Installed in November 2020, we have revived a much-loved feature of The Mount through a flagpole which is not only in keeping with the historical design revival that Wyre Council wished for, but also would be able to withstand the nautical conditions of its raised, coastal location.

We were thrilled be asked to work on historic renovation such as The Mount, as it offered our team the opportunity to successfully put its specialist renovation flagpole manufacturing skills to the test to create the rigged flagpole.

 Mark Fenton programme manager at Wyre Council:

“The flag pole is a key feature of the Mount and stands proudly alongside the Pavilion. It is a unique feature due to its size and prominent position so we are very pleased that the flag pole was able to be replaced and it will feature in our activity programme to engage visitors with heritage – as the flag pole here was once used for signalling to ships.”

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