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Flag of the Month – September

4th Sep 2019
By sarah-jane grainger |
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This month’s flag is our eco friendly flag in honour of Recycling Week on the 23rd – 29th September.

September's Flag of the Month

Our flag printed on our recycled flag material is flying high outside Harrison Group HQ throughout September.

The flag was designed, printed and finished inhouse by our team of designers, printer operatives and seamstresses. It has been printed on our environmentally friendly alternative to knitted polyester for our flags and feather flags.

This revolutionary material is made from recycled plastic items, such as single use PET plastic bottles, and industrial polyester waste which has been melted down into chips, then spun into yarn that is knitted to form a material. Our eco friendly flag material has the same durability, strength and versatility of it’s knitted polyester equivalent but with a much lower environmental impact.

Unlike standard knitted polyester that is used in the manufacture of most printed flags, it doesn’t require new petroleum for its creation, therefore lowering the demand for petroleum extraction and reducing it’s overall carbon footprint. Producing this sustainable material is also better for the climate, creating 75% less CO₂ emissions than virgin polyester. It also meets the requirements for the OEKO-TEX® 100 standards and is free from toxic elements.

You can purchase any of our printed flags including World flags, Remembrance flags and custom flags with your own logo or design in our eco friendly flag material. Learn more here or call 01325 355 390.

More about Recycling Week

Recycle Week 2019 is organised by Recycle Now, the national recycling campaign for England, supported and funded by Government, managed by WRAP and used locally by over 90% of English authorities.

It will be full of action asking people to rinse, crush, squash, sort and separate. In the bathroom, the kitchen, the office and the great outdoors. Getting them to do something powerful and radical that will really make a difference.

You can learn more about the campaign here and take part from the 23rd-29th September.

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