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Harrison Flagpoles launches ‘UK first’ container flagpoles innovation.

25th Jan 2021
By sarah-jane grainger |
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Harrison Flagpoles has launched a new innovative product! The new product will allow it’s aluminium flagpoles to be installed onto shipping containers frequently used across construction sites.

The new container flagpoles system enables contractors and housebuilders to make building sites highly visible. This means that visitors and passers-by will know as soon as work starts and before main site branding is installed.

Featuring a proprietary ‘twist and lock’ mechanism, we believe we are the first manufacturer in the UK to design, build and launch a shipping container flagpole system.

National housebuilder Redrow is the first company to benefit from our innovation. They are initially using the container flagpoles for both branding and wayfinding at a number of its sites.

Harrison Flagpoles sales and marketing director, Anthony Leonard said: “Our container flagpole system enables construction companies to become highly visible as soon as work starts on site. As far as we are aware, we have achieved a UK first by being the only company in the country with this innovation.

“Once a site is up and running, our container flagpoles can also be used as wayfinders to various locations. We are able to provide clients with an integrated service, from supply to installation and service. Then also providing custom designed, branded and manufactured flags for the containers.”

The aluminium container flagpoles are easily installed. They have a one metre swivel arm top with a white mushroom finial so flags remain seen even if there is no wind.

You can find out more about Harrison Flagpoles’ installations and projects across the UK here.

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