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How to promote your Yacht or Sailing Club this 2019 season

18th Apr 2019
By Flag Geek |
Flagpoles | Flags |

It’s officially Spring time in the UK which means flowers are blooming, lambs are frolicking in the fields and the sailing season is beginning. Whether you want to give your Sailing or Yacht Club a makeover, promote your fundraising events or attract new members, Harrison Flagpoles can help.

With over 50 years’ experience we are the specialists in flags, flagpoles and banner poles. Our products adorn some of the most prestigious buildings and landmarks in the world. Our range of options will breathe new life into your favourite place.

Rigged Flagpoles

A great centrepiece guaranteed to grab attention. Representing the mast of a vessel, the white glassfibre flagpole is fitted with yardarms (horizontal cross pieces) and a gaff (angled pole) to enable you to fly a national flag or ensign along with your club burgee.

Harrison Flagpoles are responsible for the manufacture of some of the largest and complex rigged flagpoles in the UK, including HMS Sultan which stands at an impressive 28 metres tall. Our standard rigged design can be adapted or modified to replicate an existing rigged mast and our technical team can engineer completely bespoke flagpoles to suit almost any location.

All our poles are manufactured in our UK facility to the highest specifications. The glassfibre structure is low maintenance and its resistance to moisture, humidity and salt make it ideal for coastal areas.

We also offer flagpole servicing which gives your pole a full health check and ensures it adheres to the conditions of our industry-leading pole warranty. We assess all the components and base fixings to ensure they are in good, safe, working order and replace the halyard which becomes worn over time.

Feather Flags

Feather flags are a cost effective and temporary way to promote upcoming events such as Open Days, training courses and race days.

Our high quality feather flags are built to last, even in coastal areas, with double stitching and a reinforced sleeve end meaning you can use them year after year. With a wide range of sizes, shapes and bases to choose from we will have something to suit your needs.

We also have an environmentally friendly flag material, Harrison Eco™ Flag, made from recycled waste including single-use plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill. Perfect for the more eco conscious consumer.

Our artwork team can work with you to create a design you love, your flag will be then printed and finished here in the UK by our talented studio team and shipped to you within 7-10 days.

Flag Repair and Production

Coastal winds can take their toll, if your flag or burgee is showing signs of wear and tear, we offer a repair service. If the flag or burgee is too damaged we can offer a replacement.

We hold all digitally printed and handsewn Home Nations flags and Ensigns in stock for fast delivery but if you would prefer a custom flag, our highly skilled studio team can produce any design or hand sew your club logo for an added touch of luxury. Find out more about our hand sewn flags here.

PVC Banners

Great for turning a large space into a promotional message, PVC banners can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The banners are easy to install with cable ties through the regularly spaced eyelets. Why not attach one to your railing to let passersby know about your next event, add one to the side of your club house to attract new members or hang one indoors to dress a dull space?

We hope this has given you food for thought on how you can make the most of promotional opportunities for your yacht club or sailing club, even if your budget is limited.

If you would like more information or to talk through your options please contact our friendly team on 01325 355 433 or sales@weareharrisons.com.

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jo ann francingues Commented:

15/08/2020 @ 14:46

can you give me more info on making or where to by the banners?

harr_flag_poles Replied:

17/08/2020 @ 9:17

Thank you for contacting Harrison Flagpoles. If it is simply PVC banners you wish to purchase, we can actually supply these through our sister company Harrison EDS.Harrison EDS.Harrison EDS. You can contact our team on 01325 355433, who will be happy to chat about your requirement. Many thanks.