NHS 75 flag


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NHS flag

About this flag

The Trust is one of the largest in England, with eight hospitals and community care teams across our extensive geographical area, supporting patients from city to rural locations. 

What size flag should I purchase

We’d recommend opting for a 2 yard flag if your flagpole is 6 metres tall or a 2.5 yard flag if it is 8 metres or taller.
Flags are finished with a rope and toggle so are ready to fly as soon as you receive them. Each flag is digitally printed onto knitted polyester.



Technical Specification

Harrison Flagpoles
  • Size: 2 yard (1.83 x 0.91m) perfect for 6m flagpole, 2.5 yard (2.29 x 1.14m) perfect for flagpoles 8m and above
  • Description

    To help celebrate the 75th birthday of the NHS in July 2023, a ‘Supporting NHS75’ mark has been created for use by approved and permitted stakeholders. The mark consists of the NHS logo and the number 75 together with the word supporting above it. Available in 2 or 2.5 yard. Printed or hand-sewn.

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