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St Cuthbert’s Feast Day and the Symbolism of the County Flag

20th Mar 2024
By sarah-jane grainger |
Flags | History |

On the 20th March, County Durham celebrates its patron saint, St Cuthbert’s feast day. The flag of County Durham plays an important role in the celebrations.

St Cuthbert’s feast day

St Cuthbert was a revered figure in Christian history, and the patron saint of County Durham. He was a 7th-century monk and bishop, and is known for his piety, compassion, and miracles. His legacy is deeply woven into the fabric of County Durham, where he spent much of his life. His shrine remains a place of pilgrimage to this day.

Celebrating County Durham’s heritage

On St Cuthbert’s Day, the people of County Durham come together to celebrate their rich heritage and spiritual connection to the land. Festivities include church services, processions, cultural events, and community gatherings. These all pay homage to the enduring legacy of St Cuthbert and the values he represents.

The County Durham flag: A symbol of identity and unity

Central to the celebrations of St Cuthbert’s Day is the County Durham flag. This is a vibrant banner of blue and gold, adorned with St Cuthbert’s cross. The flag serves as a powerful symbol of identity, pride, and unity for the people of County Durham. It represents their shared history, values, and sense of belonging.

Durham County Flag featuring St Cuthbert's cross

Interpretation of the flag’s colours

The blue background of the County Durham flag symbolises the region’s rivers, skies, and natural beauty. The gold cross represents St Cuthbert’s enduring presence and spiritual guidance. Together, these colours evoke a sense of reverence, tranquility, and resilience that resonate deeply with the people of County Durham.

Preserving tradition and legacy

As the County Durham flag is raised on St Cuthbert’s Day, tribute is paid to the sacrifices and achievements of those who came before us. The flag is a testament to the enduring legacy of St Cuthbert and the countless generations who have called County Durham home.

Did you know: The design of the County Durham flag was created by James Moffat and his twin daughters Katie and Holly in 2013. It was the winning entry in a competition to design a flag for the last county in the north of England without one.

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