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Why choose Harrison Eco™

14th Mar 2024
By sarah-jane grainger |
Eco-friendly | Flags |

We live in a world where sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a way of life. Individuals and businesses alike are seeking eco-friendly alternatives that align with their values. Enter Harrison Eco™, a brand that goes beyond the ordinary to redefine excellence in sustainable products. There are many compelling reasons why choosing Harrison Eco™ is a conscious and impactful decision.

What is Harrison Eco™?

Harrison Eco™ launched in 2018 and was set up as an environmentally friendly method of flag production. We introduced more durable materials for flags, feather flags and printed displays, all with the environment in mind.

Harrison Eco™ logo

Why choose Harrison Eco™?

Here are just some of the reasons to choose the eco-friendly option for your flag requirements:


Our material is made from recycled plastic, including single-use PET plastic bottles. This would otherwise be sent to landfill.


The same strength and versatility is maintained, compared to knitted polyester, just with a much lower environmental impact.

Fewer emissions

The production process for our environmentally-friendly flags create 75% less carbon emissions than virgin polyester.


The material is stain-resistant, washable and fire-resistant.


Our eco alternative is lighter than many traditional PVC materials for banners. It is therefore easier and cheaper to transport, store and install.


Our Harrison Eco™ products are 100% recyclable! We have the first flagpole recycling service in the UK and any glassfibre waste produced during manufacturing is recycled.

Fabric upcycling scheme

We are the first supplier in the UK to offer a fabric upcycling scheme in the UK. Our aim is that 100% of the fabric we print is recycled or upcycled. So, we ask that any used flags are returned to us.

Reusability scheme

If you return your used flags to us, we repurpose them into various products. These include bags and dog toys. The dog toys are donated to a local dog rehoming charity, FLOOF.

In our world, every choice we make has an impact. Opting for Harrison Eco™ is a declaration of commitment to a sustainable future. By choosing the eco-friendly options, you’re not just making a purchase, you’re making a positive statement. A statement that resonates with a vision of a world where quality and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

Look no further for your environmentally friendly flag solutions! You can choose Harrison Eco™ material for your Home Nation flags, World flags, County flags, Custom flags and more!

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