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How significant are flags?

1st Sep 2020
By sarah-jane grainger |
Flags | History |

As a flag and flagpole manufacturer you’ll probably expect us to have only positive things to say about our products.  And you’d be correct. We can’t help but be passionate about our trade and we believe the significance of flags is often overlooked. So, we ask the question; How significant is a piece of fabric on a pole? Allow us to shed some light on the importance of flags.

The history of flags

Flags are steeped in history and they display symbols which convey meaning, unifying people and expressing a cultural or national identity.

It’s said that flags originate from the Indian subcontinent, modern day China. The founder of Zhou dynasty in China 1046 – 256 BCE had a white flag carried before him as a sign of his power and regal position. Flags were carried on chariots and planted upon the walls of captured cities, playing an important role in ancient warfare. And this has remained the case for millennia, flags have played an incredibly important role in warfare and more recently flags began to be used to symbolise nationality. As late as the 19th century, most European nations had adopted a national flag.

The adoption of flags for a commercial use didn’t occur until the advent of branding and marketing in the mid 20th century.

First impressions count

First impressions count and any building which is adorned with flags instantly holds gravitas over neighbouring buildings that do not; giving the business a commercial edge instantly. From a commercial perspective, no doubt flags play a powerful role in communication. They signify pride in a building, grounds or location and in a simpler sense can be used for decoration and celebration as well as strengthening the identity of a business or organisation.

Approaching a building adorned with flags conveys pride and quality, building trust with its visitors, whether they be employees, visitors or customers. They’re a popular external branding product across a range of industries because they are a simple yet powerful visual tool. For that reason our customers range from small startup companies to large nationals and blue-chip corporations.

An affordable branding solution

Over recent decades the humble flagpole has evolved into a diverse range of solutions that fit many different applications. Flagpoles can be affordable and quick to erect, or they can be elaborate, highly specified custom solutions looked after by our expert technical team. Find out more about our customer projects including the Baltic, British Normandy Memorial and Somerset House, here  There are options to suit all budgets and building types. And the same applies to flags, standard digital print is relatively cost effective for everyday use, but should something a little more elaborate be required, a flag design can also be hand sewn.

Designs are limitless, yet we find many businesses choose bold and simplistic artwork to help get their brand noticed. Often, the term ‘less is more’ comes into play.

As the leading UK flagpole manufacturer, we know our craft well and advising our customers on the best solutions comes as second nature. When it comes to specialist products such as flagpoles, businesses can be reassured that they are provided with the right products, and that all aspects of the purchase and installation are dealt with smoothly and professionally when dealing with Harrison Flagpoles.

As we know our product so well, we are extremely passionate about it. We believe in the value of what we produce which is why we take immense pride in its manufacture. We appreciate that the poles and flags we sell are helping our customers be seen and viewed in a positive light. Our flags and flagpoles play a small but important role in communicating their brand effectively and supporting their business success.

Sources: https://www.britannica.com/topic/flag-heraldry

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