Polyamorous Pride Flag


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Polyamorous Pride flag

The Polyamorous Pride flag includes the Greek pi symbol, as the infinite nature of pi after the decimal aligns with the infinite number of partners that those who identify as polyamorous may have. The flag comprises three stripes in red, blue and black. The red symbolises love, the blue represents honesty and the consensual nature of a multi-partner relationship. The black stripe is a show of solidarity with those who are unable to come out as polyamorous.

Dimensions: 183cm (width) x 91cm (height).

Our  2 yard flags are printed single sided in our UK facility and finished with a rope and toggle by hand. For the more environmentally conscious customer we offer an alternative to the standard knitted polyester with our eco-friendly flag material.

Eco-friendly option

Our environmentally friendly flag material, Harrison Eco™ is made from recycled plastic items such as PET bottles and industrial polyester waste which has been melted down into chips, then spun into yarn that is knitted to form a material. It has the same durability, strength and versatility of its knitted polyester equivalent but with a much lower environmental impact.

Technical Specification

Harrison Flagpoles
  • type: Polyamorous Pride
  • material: Knitted polyester | Eco-friendly flag
  • Description

    Polyamorous Pride flag from Harrison Flagpoles

    Dimensions: 183cm (width) x 91cm (height).
    Material: Woven Polyester or Eco-friendly alternative.

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    Polyamorous Pride


    Knitted polyester, Eco-friendly flag


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