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Want to learn more about the work we do, find out more about the industry or get advice on how to best display your flags? Check out our blog posts below!

Flags History

As a proud UK based company we like to celebrate our heritage. Harrison’s have been operating in County Durham, in North East England for over 50 years so
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12th Mar 2020
Flag of the month Flags

Remembrance Day flags are flown each November across the country, so it seemed fitting to make it our flag of the month.

1st Nov 2019

Things are getting spooky at Harrison’s this month with our custom printed Halloween flag.

23rd Oct 2019

Don’t worry, this isn’t another mind-numbing, friendship breaking, partisan, angry, entrenched Brexit blog. In this short piece, you can embrace your inner flag geek, as we
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17th Oct 2019
Flags News

This month’s flag is our eco friendly flag in honour of Recycling Week on the 23rd – 29th September.

4th Sep 2019

At a time when there are political tensions across Europe, French President Emmanuel Macron has made a huge statement in achieving the approval of an education
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23rd Jul 2019
Flag of the month Flagpoles

At Harrison Flagpoles we are proud to supply thousands of flagpoles and tens of thousands of flags to customers throughout the UK each year.  We are
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30th May 2019
Advice Flagpoles Flags

Flag Geek answers a very common question – whether registered charities need to pay VAT on flags and banners, or if they’re zero rated.

9th Apr 2019

We count down the Flag and Flagpole top 10 music chart.

17th Jan 2019